When you realise you really are enough...

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As a fellow Mum, crafter, entrepreneur, or, deserving of as much appreciation, woman, how many times have you told yourself you're not good enough?

For me? Pretty much daily. 

It doesn't matter whether I forgot to put a load of washing in, I slept through my alarm, or I forgot something in my daughter's lunch bag, I fail in some way pretty much every day. Nobody is perfect, right? And I get that. I give myself a slap on the wrist, tell myself not to do it again, then within an hour it has been forgotten.

But when it comes to business, I truly am my own worst enemy. 

Running Jo's Craft Boutique has been a whirlwind. An amazing, magical experience. Growing up, I never really knew what I wanted to do in life, and every day I feel so LUCKY to be channeling my creativity and turning my hobby into a full time career. From 2019 to now, just wow. I feel SO blessed everyday to have achieved this success since we opened. 

But every step of the way, every single bump in the road, I am SO harsh on myself. I beat myself up, over every little thing. A quiet day of sales, a delivery doesn't show, there I am, not forgiving myself.

Like the silly mistakes at home, I tell myself off, but this time, it isn't forgotten about within an hour. It isn't forgotten about within a day, or a week. I carry on, and on, beating myself up. Telling myself to do better, and ultimately running myself into the ground. Then the voices come back, those of people who once told me I wouldn't achieve anything. It's a vicious cycle. 

Maybe it is because Jo's Craft Boutique is my only livelihood for me, and my beautiful daughters. Maybe it's because I am too passionate about what I do! Or maybe it's because as a woman, it is so easy sometimes to doubt ourselves. 

This literally had to stop. The reasons are twofold... telling yourself you're poor at something? Eventually will actually MAKE you poor at that it. Plus, if this past year has taught me anything, it has taught me that mental health is incredibly important, and the person who can manage that, is me. 

So I changed things up. I turned things around, and do you know what? I feel so much better for it. I'm more productive too! Business couldn't be better, I couldn't be happier, and the team are ultimately happier. 

Whether it's your business, your craft, or anything else, big or small in your life... by all means PUSH yourself to do better, but NEVER crush yourself when you fail. As women, we are constantly telling ourselves we're failing, but do you know what? Most of the time, it's not failing at all. It's just s little hiccup, and with using our brains (of course, as us women are good at), we can fix things. We can fix things, and carry on, with our head held high, and be PROUD of what we've accomplished. 

These bumps in the road will inevitably happen, but let's use them to make us stronger. 

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