Jo's Craft Club

What is this all about?!

Jo's Craft Club is a brand new subscription service, designed to provide you with a boost to your craft business and help you SMASH those sales targets. 


Jo started her business from nothing, she was single, Mum of two home-schooled children, constantly living on her last pennies and trying to make ends meet. In just over a year, she now has a successful private limited company registered in the UK, operating from its own premises and growing month on month. Jo has sought no investment or loans, and has carefully re-invested her profits into growing the company into a success.

Now Jo wants to share her knowledge with you, supporting you with your small craft business and helping you take it to the next level! But it's not just that. Jo's Craft Club takes the CORE VALUES of KINDNESS, FAIRNESS and POSITIVITY from Jo's Craft Boutique that our customers know and love, and applies them to our wonderful, nurturing group. We don't do 'catty attitudes' over here - come on in for friendly, genuine support. 

What do you get?

Starting from just £2.99 per month, gain access to our club headquarters (a private Facebook) where you will receive:

  • Regular support on key topics that can be applied to most small businesses
  • Positive motivation and affirmations
  • Quizzes, games and the opportunity to win prizes
  • Weekly Facebook Lives
  • Downloads to help you run your small business
  • Support for mental health, as we know first hand how draining running a business can be

We also offer a £14.99 (including 1st class delivery) deluxe bow makers package which not only includes membership to our exclusive club, but a BEAUTIFUL box of craft supplies delivered to your door every month.

Included in the box are a beautiful selection of items ready to make some unique hair accessories AND an exclusive product to help you with your business or personal aspirations. 

Unlike many monthly boxes, the fabrics within these boxes EXCLUSIVE to club members, and only those members may re-order further supplies of them, and none will be allowed for general sale on our website. 

Craft Club Group opens 8th February 2021. 

Boxes are sent out on 20th of every month (or the closest working day).

How do I join?!

To keep our club exclusive, we only have a limited number of places available. 

We have spaces available right now, and will be closing again on 7th May! Please sign up here: